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About IBERMAXX Real Estate agency

What we offer in IBERMAXX? How do we sell properties? Why we are different?
First of all we are based in Spain. We have 3 "physical" offices in Spain working for 10 years, since year 2007. We work directly and individually, without intermediary offices and agencies involved in real estate in Poland. We have the most interesting real estate deals from Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol area. For now operate our two offices on the Costa Blanca - Punta Prima MAIN OFFICE (Torrevieja - Orihuela Costa), and office in Torrevieja (La Mata).
Another office is located in the center of Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Andalucia.

We try not to employ many unnecessary "public servants". We also don't cooperate with real estate agencies in Poland, which is why our range of properties in Spain, are among the best and the most favorable on the market.
We are transparent, agile and competent in the subject of real estate and foreign investment in Spain.
In our agency at any time of the year you will find new property deals from the Spanish market and property from the last minute, which come up on the market and also quickly "disappear". So you should contact our offices in Spain, if you think of a good investment on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. We work without additional fees imposed and without intermediaries. We have a deal for you in every budget.


Skip brokers and real estate agencies in Poland, come to us, to Spain and buy on the spot.
We pick up our customers from Alicante El Altet airport.  Book here free pickup from Alicante airport.
We also offer accommodation in an apartment or hotel.
You can find the biggest and the most valuable choice of properties on the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol, and a very professional and always friendly "approach" to the customer in our offices.

In IBERMAXX we have agreements signed with major developers and real estate agents in Spain, and we have the lowest prices of houses and apartments that are currently available on the market. The prices of our properties are the same as on English or Spanish websites. We cooperate with many real estate agencies operating in Spain.

10 years strong

Believe it or not, but in January 2017 we complete 10 years !!
It's already 10 years passed since the opening of first IBERMAXX office in Torrevieja.
Estate agency IBERMAXX, is one of the oldest Polish real estate agency on the Spanish real estate market. We are one of the agencies with the longest experience in España.
We did't appear out of nowhere.
We carried on Individual investments and property purchases since 1999.
On the other hand, as a company - IBERMAXX officially exist since year 2007.

Our motto is not only good deals in real estate and high-quality service for you, but most of all a vast experience of our agents in the Spanish real estate market. Also very good foreign language skills of our employees and the customs of Spain. It's very important here in southern Spain.
We have very good contacts with local banks on the Costa Blanca (Torrevieja - Alicante - Orihuela Costa). We focus on the Spanish real estate market, the sale of property in Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, as well as on the safety and well-being of our clients. It's IBERMAXX priorities.
In our offices worked the current competition, and most of the employees of other Polish real estate offices on Costa Blanca area, worked earlier in IBERMAXX and learned real estate "craft."


Every day we try to offer most current selection of properties for sale in Spain and the best property prices, which at the moment is offering this beautiful country. We always have "in store" a real bargain for you.

Security of transactions during the purchase of real estate

It's very important for you as investor (buyer) in Spain. We assure you 100% security of each transaction of property purchase. We cooperating with the local law firm on the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol, and several Spanish banks to ensure a safe process of each transaction. We are transparent and reliable company. We work with Spanish lawyers with extensive experience on the Spanish real estate market.
Take a look at our references and read the IBERMAXX opinions and feedback from our clients.

New builds and second hand property on our website

All real estate listings presented on this website are meticulously checked and verified by IBERMAXX team. We try to have in our portfolio up to date listings. For the vast majority of offers, personally we take pictures, but to a part of submitted offers, photographs of houses and flats are performed by our collaborators and other cooperating agencies and real estate agencies, scattered throughout other parts of the Spanish coasts.

In the case of new properties (off plan houses) we have direct contracts signed with developers in Spain. Despite our offer, presented on our website, we invite you to visit us in Spain by booking reconnaissance visit on the Costa Blanca with us. It's important to know the location of your foreign investment. As always, for somany years - we offer free pick up from Alicante airport.

We have always current new real estate offers, directly from Spanish developers and builders. With properly constructed agreements with Spanish developers, the prices from us are the same as buying from the builder. In addition, buying through IBERMAXX it's sometimes possible to negotiate a free furniture package, a package of household appliances, and other discounts, when negotiating the deal with the developer.

Our entire team is completely dedicated to selling houses, villas, apartments, commercial premises, apartments, building plots in Spain. Real Estate in primary and secondary markets. Check back frequently to our website. Every day we add a new property to buy in Spain.
In IBERMAXX you find the most attractive price of real estate on the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol in Andalucia.
In IBERMAXX we don't charge commission from the buyer.

VIP Service from us

Are looking for a property with budget above 1.000.000 €? Are looking for a super-exclusive real estate to investment your capital abroad?
Ask us for a special service. You can find discretion and professionalism in every way.

IBERMAXX - a leader in the sale of Spanish property in Poland

The last 10 years of our hard work and 100% commitment, resulted in a large increase in the number of customers visiting our offices and our buyers of real estate in Spain. All the time we build our brand awareness and image of the company during the "post-crisis" in Spain. But Spain is once again on the top! And 2018 promises to be even better for the country of Cervantes.

We strive to provide the best product for our customer from Poland and top quality service in Spain.
Most importantly for you, dear customers, with us you will always find the lowest prices, huge selection of real estate and we does not charge commission from the buyer, that is from you. IBERMAXX employees are always pleasant, friendly and above all professional and "specialized" in their work as a real estate agent.
It IBERMAXX fulfills the dreams of so many Poles for second holiday home in Spain for last 10 years!


After sale service

After purchasing the property we will take care of your new home, signing the relevant contract concerning the keys holding and care of the purchased property.
More details you will find on IBERMAXX rentals website here: property owners in Spain (NOTE: link to the IBERMAXX rentals website, opens in new window).

Rental guaranteed

We will rent out your apartment or house. 65% of buyers in Spain think about renting the property, as an additional source of income. Our company on the Spanish market, with Polish roots, offers this type of service. Perhaps many of you interested in the issue of investing in real estate overseas, came across our company, looking for an apartment in Spain or accommodation for a holiday in Spain.

We strive to be the most successful not only in sales but also in renting real estate for our clients.

Two websites twice more opportunities

There are two separate sections in the company, and two separate internet portals:

IBERMAXX sales (just you are on this website on domain
IBERMAXX rentals (link to rentals in Spain, this site opens in a new window on

When you buy from us in order that the property is "work and earn for themselves", you can be sure that it will not become empty, at least during the holiday season. For those who buy through IBERMAXX, we offer preferential conditions, when signing the lease of real estate in Spain.
Also we provide key information on where to advertise your property for rent and on which global websites to advertise.
Also we provide key information on where to advertise your property for rent and where to add your property to such an investment, it had a proper return in the form of good, high-percentage return on investment in Spain in the form of a high occupancy of the property.

IBERMAXX history in a nutshell

How did it all begin? After Silesian university graduation an early departure (end of 80s) from the post communist Poland with no meaningful perspectives (so unfortunately it was in those days ... many of you are surely remembers). After several years of travel through the world, in search of a better reality, better work and better live in such exotic countries as Japan, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Brazil, Bahamas, Mexico, Thailand, and a few others. Permanently, with the new family we settled in close to our heart, welcoming Spain ... Friendly and beautiful Spain won.

Accumulated savings let us purchase a first home in Spain on the Costa Blanca in the mid-90s. Later there were further investments in houses and apartments in Spain during real property boom in Spain. Our passion for overseas property in "hot countries" and acquired over the years extensive experience in the Spanish property market - buying and selling, naturally - led us to open IBERMAXX - Polish Real Estate Agency in Spain. Sales and rentals in Spain.


Today, the internet is full of "experts" on the Spanish real estate market and "seasoned" companies, and agencies. Internet - unfortunately, it's littered with companies and pseudo experts and "udercover" sellers. Please be aware of such persons, the new "agencies", the new internet websites regarding real estate in Spain. This is for you simply dangerous. You can easily lose your money, giving yourselves into the hands of complete amateurs and people with no experience in the Spanish property market.
There are very few good companies with real experienceon Spanish property market and working in Spanish reality.

Ambition, knowledge and hard work is our motto. We are trying to implement those values into each IBERMAXX employee. We are a little different from the Polish reality and the Polish mentality, sometimes sad and sometimes depressing ....
We love a good and joyful life, good food and life at a good level. That is why we live in Spain and that is why we love this country so much.

What else we will sell for you ... ?

Hmm ... Part of this wonderful Spanish perception of reality we will try also introduce to you. Not just real estate, but first and foremost part of the Spanish way of life and the Spanish mentality .... because believe us ... it's a good country to live abroad ... Buying a house in Spain or apartment in Spain, you are buying also a part of this wonderful country ...

At the beginning of 2017 it has been 10 years sice first IBERMAXX office opened. "Believe or not" 10 years passed so fast. But I remember like today, when we started as a tiny company with the idea of international business already in 1999, selling and renting real estate in Spain, mainly in those days, for customers from Western Europe. In those days, there was a were Poles, thinking about investments in foreign real estate markets.

It was only in 2007, seeing the growing potential of Poland, galloping price of real estate in our country, and the increasing purchasing power of Polish investors and customers, we decided to extend our offer for the sale of houses and apartments to clients from Poland. At the moment there are three IBERMAXX branches in Spain.

Where we sell property in Spain

We are base in Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja (54km south of Alicante) on the Costa Blanca. Another office is located in Marbella (approx. 60km south of Malaga) on the Costa del Sol. Although our offer of property for sale are from different regions of Spain, we are concentrating our activity on the Costa Blanca South due to the location of our "physical" offices.

The activities of our real estate agency, include popular areas such as: Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja, La Mata Torrevieja, Aguas Nuevas/La Mata, Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Villamartin, Alicante, Cabo Roig, San Pedro del Pinatar, Algorfa, Gran Alacant, Guardamar, Santa Pola. Also Murcia region, and properties from northern Costa Blanca as Calpe, Benissa, Denia, Moraira, Altea, and Valencia region.


Property on Costa del Sol in Marbella, around Malaga, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Nueva Andalucia, Elviria, Las Chapas. Also see and appreciate the beautiful surroundings of the property near the golf courses, which are located a few kilometers inland. Spain is not just beaches and sun ... Check our listings of rural properties in Spain called fincas, rustic plots and ruins for sale in Spain.

Experienced investors and those who want to permanently live in Spain choose areas "inland" A few kilometers away from the crowded coast, where you will find peace, quiet, great neighborhood and a real Spanish atmosphere ... A few minutes drive will take you back to the beaches of the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca.
It's worth investing in real estate a few kilometers away from the coast, where you will find peace and tranquility and off course lover poperty prices.

Our specialization

We specialize in real estate on the Costa Blanca. Southern and Northern part. Office in Orihuela Costa (head office) supports the southern Costa Blanca, and an office in Torrevieja supports northern Costa Blanca. Property on the Costa del Sol supports an office in Marbella. Three areas of Spain, where we sell property in IBERMAXX.

Individual approach to our customer

The main goal of our agency is to find the right property for our client. Dream home in Spain, no matter what budget you are going to spend on your overses property. We practice very personal and friendly approach to our client looking for dream investment, whether as investment of your capital, your nest egg, a vacation home, or an apartment to spend the long awaited retirement. Or property buy "for rent" in Spain. We understand your needs, doubts and fears before buying a house or apartment in a foreign country.

We were passing through this process and live in Spain permanently for years, working and conducting our business and real estate agency in Spanish reality. Serving our experience, we would like to carry you through the entire process of buying property in Spain, without stress and that it was a pleasure and enjoyment with your purchase. We focus on clients from Poland.

Comprehensive service and support when buying property

We offer full service and assistance with finding the right property in Spain, to carry out the entire process of buying and selling real estate. To visit the notary, translation and colecting the documents to get a mortgage in a Spanish bank. Also service after the purchase of property in Spain - After sale service.

Why we are different? Commissions and fees  from IBERMAXX

We don't charge a commission from the buyer.
We're based in Spain. IBERMAXX'S offices operate on Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. We have a lot of interesting properties for sale at prices ranging from € 50,000 to € 6,000,000 and more.
We don't charge any commission from the buyer. In carrying out the purchase-sale of real estate through properly constructed agreements with developers and property owners in Spain, our commission is factored in the price of the property that you see in our sales offer.

To sum up - in our offers, you can see the exact price at which you buy (of course, plus VAT of 10% and notary fees, the entries in the Land Register 3%). Additional fees and taxes when buying property in Spain you can see in information about property in Spain on our website.

IBERMAXX invites you to Spain. 2017 and 2018, is the best time to invest in Spanish property. Take advantage of still reasonably low property prices in Spain.



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