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Real estate agency - IBERMAXX - it's a Polish leader in the sale of real estate in Spain. Doing business in Spain since 2007, we have developed a strong Polish brand in the area of investment in Spanish property.

The IBERMAXX'S owners are present in Spain since 1999 with their real estate investments in the country. All the time the agency is developing and opening up for new areas of Spain - so attractive to the European real estate market. And more and more available for the citizens of our country. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and better products in the form of more houses and apartments to sell for our clients from Poland and other countries.

Your own real estate agency in Spain under the trusted brand

The Franchise Real Estate Agency in Spain is an independent business in Spain, run by the full support of the Polish real estate leader in Spain. Guarantee your success with proper dedication, commitment and hard work.


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What conditions do I have to meet and how much money i need to start?

Each IBERMAXX office is independent and self-employed as part of a proven and reliable real estate sales system in Spain.
The franchise agreement is signed for 5 years with the possibility of extension. At the time of signing, each new franchisee pays a one-time entry fee and prepares a franchise agreement with IBERMAXX.


The new franchisee should own a place (own or rented). The new franchisee searches for his future location independently (we can help with the opening of the office). The premises must be approved by IBERMAXX.

The minimum office space should be about 40m2 - 50m2 of space. The final appearance of the new office is at the discretion of the owner, but should be in line with IBERMAXX's general image and color scheme.
The new office must be aesthetically decorated and labeled to faithfully represent the IBERMAXX brand. Welcome to the street side, and easy parking. Location details are with us for discussion.

In addition, every month, each franchisee pays a fixed fee, independent of the number of real estate sales.

Before signing the contract, we will meet with prospective franchisees to discuss the details of the potential contract signing, the location of the office and its development opportunities. We will check the potential franchisees to be able to meet the standards and quality of services offered by IBERMAXX Spain.

The main costs of conducting a real estate agency in Spain are the costs associated with renting the premises (unless you own the premises) and the administration of your own office.
Staff costs, costs of pay and commissions for their real estate agents in Spain.

Who can use the franchise license IBERMAXX Spain

IBERMAXX golden rule

Without your commitment and dedication you will not succeed. Extremely important is the motivation and commitment of the franchisee, as well as the ability to recruit and quickly build a productive and coordinated team of real estate agents in your region.
A dynamically operating office can quickly reach a break even point within the first year of its operation.

Our agency in the initial period will give you full support, training, access to potential customer base and full assistance, memorandum of real estate transaction and property sign with first clients. You will not be left alone in the initial phase of your business and gaining experience.

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IBERMAXX properties +34 966 444 615

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