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Do you own a property in Spain? Do you want quickly sell your house or apartment in Spain? Contact us for more details regarding your Spanish real estate. We will try to quickly sell your Spanish property.
There are at list four reasons why you should sell your property in Spain by IBERMAXX:

Property valuation

We will come to you personally and will quote the value of your property. Then we will ad new property listing to our portfolio and work hard to sell your property as soon is possible based on the current situation in the property market in Spain and realistic opportunities for sale in the current market.
Remember to be realistic about the price you want to get and for what money you want to sell your property in Spain. To expensive - sorry - no sale.


We are proud as a company with the quality of services we deliver to our customers when buying a property in Spain. Similarly, the sale of your property. Clear and honest commission system is the way we work in Spain. Remember that above all, we work for you. Always we leave a margin for a fair and clear negotiations, both from the seller and from the buyer.


Proper exposure of your property

Your property will be offered for sale, and seen by thousands of potential customers in Spain, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Russia and Scandinavia. We work with hundrets companies and real estate agents in Europe and the world. Our customers interested in buying a home in Spain, come from all over the world, from United States and Canada. Your property will be seen by thousands of potential customers in Europe and on the various property websites. Also with cooperating agencies in Spain and Europe.

Professional services

Since the opening our agency, our message was simple: to avoid "Polish system" and "Polish atmosphere" while buying real estate in Spain, where the commissions and fees are charged by agency from both sides: from the seller and from the buyer. (Sad but true, but we believe this is changing in Poland for the better ... or may already have changed ...)

In our agency, we try to work a little differently.
In IBERMAXX since 2007 we are trying to introduce the global and Western European system of values and work for our client. The whole structure of the sale of the property, where everything is very transparent and very clear for the buyer.


Feel free to contact us

You're not sure how much your property in Spain is worth? Would you like to sell but don't know at what price to put your house or apartment on the market? You don't know how much commission real estate agency in Spain will charge you? Make a phone call to IBERMAXX office or write us e-mail.
We will contact you and determine an effective strategy for selling your Spanish property.
Check the location of our offices and phone numbers IBERMAXX Spain.



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IBERMAXX properties +34 966 444 615

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