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IBERMAXX testimonials. IBERMAXX opinions on the internet. Here you will find current reviews about IBERMAXX real estate agency and you can add your own observations about our real estate agency and about our work. If you are looking for reviews about IBERMAXX and about our offices operating on the Spanish real estate market, you will find them here.

We strive to offer the best real estate investment in the world, mainly from the Spanish real estate market for many years. We survived crises, the collapse of the real estate market in Spain, unfair competition, and those who strongly copied our website and already stolen the data of our customers and our database.

We are sure that we've got something "wonderful" to offer and we are trying to do it "firmly" and "properly" for many years. We know iown value, own experience in the Spanish real estate market and our thoroughness.
This is not easy when the market is flooded with "experts" from the Spanish real estate and on the Internet avery day there are new "agencies" with years of experience ... Internet means freedom, and freedom is in this case, failure to verify the information ...

IBERMAXX solid brand since 2007

We have been present on the Spanish real estate market since 2007. Our real estate agency has always had to be a little different, more robust, better in every way and more joyful than any other, this type of companies from Poland and from foreign real estate market. At the same time we focused on quality service and customer satisfaction.

We count in addition to the best real estate listings in Spain, the trust and establish friendship with our customers. Before or after buying a house or apartment. We work hard to  fulfille you dream of owning a home abroad, and live happy in Spain.
You can read evidenced and testimonials from our clients, which you can read on many property forums and social media websites including IBERMAXX Facebook website.


This was supposed to be and that is the IBERMAXX values. Polish company selling real estate in the world. So we decided from the very beginning of our agency! Because that's what we sell you dreams. What could be more joyful than moving to a new home in Spain or a luxury residence on the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca.

Such were the ambitions of the company's inception in 2007. From the very beginning we focused on the quality of our services and support potential customers in getting the best real estate deals abroad, mostly based on own experiences in the Spanish property market for overseas investors. In western countries for years there were real estate agency specializing in the sale of real estate abroad for its citizens.

Several hundred satisfied customers since 2007

The real estate agency IBERMAXX decided to combine these two elements together: a foreign product, or direct real estate listings, and offer service and support in own native language. We were one of the first Polish companies specialized in this type of services abroad, although even then there were similar agencies whose actions were based on a strange, Polish systems, a native of post-communist, newly liberated Poland.

We decided to go for the global quality service, transparency in relation to the customer and provide proper information. Clarity in action and rejection "of the Polish system" of work in real estate industry.
And over the past 10 years since 2007, we managed to fulfill the dream of a property buying in Spain for many of our customers. We were visited by a famous celebrities from Poland who have become our clients.

In our real estate office every day we work with Spanish, English, German, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian real estate agencies. We exchange experiences, property listings and every day we learn something from each other.

Our client does not need to use the services of foreign agencies in the search for a suitable property or foreign experts on real estate in Poland. Also, there is no need to contact the offices on Polish territory, offering foreign property, but quite often don't have "a clue" about the properties sold or places where they sell "their" property. At the end, there is contact to a property broker in Spain.

IBERMAXX sells without intermediaries offices in Poland

With us this chain is much shorter and to the customer reach the direct product, which is valuable and current selection of real estate in Spain. Our employees in Spain know perfectly languages, have the experience, education, and the appropriate licenses to engage in trade in real estate in the country.

Our real estate agents, above all, know very well the local real estate market and its specificity to the whole of Spain. It's extremely important for the customer looking for favorable buy and investments in the Spanish real estate market.
With us you can find the exact same product (rproperty) in the same price as the local real estate agencies. A communication in the mother tongue, throughout the entire purchase process, there is "no money" for a potential client.


Future challenges for real estate agency IBERMAXX is still brand building and continuous development of sales of foreign real estate for Poles.

The main area of activity of the IBERMAXX offices still remains the Spanish real estate market. Two regions of Spain: Costa Blanca South, Costa Blanca North, and the Costa del Sol. Extremely attractive for Poles because of the close distance the country from Poland and the still low property prices in Spain. Not to mention a great atmosphere and excellent Spanish cuisine and a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the availability of these regions, facilitate low cost airlines from Poland to Alicante and Malaga.

Every day new property listings and our philosophy of work

We always try to be one step ahead of other agencies of foreign real estate. Both in logistics solutions, advertising, online presence, but above all the quality of our services offered to the customer. Which is simply the best priced property deals sold and overseas property for you.

Not all real estate agencies behave fair and in the manner adopted by world standards. Some properties from agency IBERMAXX are simply copied and posted as his. Also, texts and articles by IBERMAXX are copied online. We put a huge amount of work in order to give the customer the best service and the best product, and the grief overwhelmed us when our articles, we see on the websites of "leaders" and property  "experts".

We are not always able to defend themselves against this type of practice in "business", often simply we don't have the time, strength, and we are not always able to publicize it in the media and warn the potential customers from the usual crooks or complete amateurs in the industry. By placing this information and the negative narrative on our websites also we would do free advertising for this kind of people ...

For us the most important thing is the safety of every purchase and sale of Spanish property. We provide lawyer on the spot, and a 100% guarantee to carry out the property purchase in Spain, according to regulations and the letter of the law, prevailing in that State. In our case in Spain.

IBERMAXX rreviews - share your experiences with others

If you have any comments, observations  and if you would like to recommend us to others, after the finalization of property transactions in Spain, we invite you to our profile on Facebook. IBERMAXX Facebook, where you can always leave your opinion.




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