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IBERMAXX - we are leading Polish real estate agency based in Spain. We have three offices in Spain, located on-site, selling property for many years in Spain since 2007. Unlike other "agencies" we don't sell real estate "through the internet" and through people, who doesn't "have a clue" about Spain. Don't know the languages (eg. Spanish or English) and doesn't have certain level of education. We don't act from Poland and then "send people to Spain"
We are here in Spain, living and working for years. IBERMAXX real estate agents are involved with this country, and they know Spain perfectly. We consider this is important while showing property to our clients intrested in Spanish real estate investment.

Such a persons we need in our real estate offices in Spain.
Today, IBERMAXX employ a few experienced and competent agents, very knowledgeable on real estate in Spain.

Our employees not only know how to sell properties, but also know the other, more basic and banal aspects of life in Spain. Owning a house or apartment in Spain. This is extremely important when they are in contact with you and during property search in Spain.

Who we employ at IBERMAXX?

In our offices we employ real estate agents who know very well the local real estate market. Realtors fluent in Spanish and English. Agents who have knowledge of local regulations and local banking system, and a system of real estate sales by foreigners in Spain.
In different countries it looks very different. We always try to hire competent people, pleasing in their habits and having knowledge of the product (properties) that we offer to our customers. Those open to the world and other cultures personality. People approaching others human beeings with great respect. Not only to our clients, but respecting they job, as well.


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Our values

In our specific and narrow sector, which is the sale of real estate abroad is not always on the first place higher education diploma and university degree.
Often more important is personality, individuality and ability to convey specific and important information for the customer and a potential buyer of real estate in another country.
Gaining customer trust and care for him, at every stage of buying property abroad is a priority for IBERMAXX. In the real estate industry it's not only a solid theoretical background but also personality. The ability of persuasion, and the ability to convey important information about the displayed properties to our client. Such people mostly we need to work in our real estate offices in Spain.

IBERMAXX - competent and always well trained agents

We strive to keep our services at the highest level possible in terms of buying and selling real estate in Spain. Sometimes it's not easy, but we keep trying. Every new employee is very well prepared to work at IBERMAXX. We try to transplant the culture of work and professional approach to work, such important in the United States or in Western Europe. We always learn something and we never say that we already know everything.
Always is worth a listen and hear a little "wiser than ourelves" and perhaps learn something from them. Even regarding the topic of real estate ...




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IBERMAXX properties +34 966 444 615

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