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Information how to buy property in Spain

Information how to buy property in Spain. Below are the necessary information that you should know before and during the process of buying property in Spain. Very useful compendium of knowledge on the acquisition of a house or apartment in Spain. Property taxes in Spain, the total costs associated with buying a home in Spain, notary fees and legal aspects while buying property by foreigners in Spain. Also information about the cost to maintain the house, villa or apartment in Spain after the purchase of real estate in Spain. How much will it cost to maintain the house or apartment in Spain. All the answers you will find on our website.

Foreign citizen and property in Spain

After year 2004 when Poland join the European Union, a citizen of our country is treated on a par with the citizens of the EU and without further formalities can become full owner of any real estate in Spain. Buying a property in this beautiful and friendly country for foreigners, it's a great idea and a step forward to change your reality.
More and more people from our country decides to move to Spain and investment in foreign real estate. And Spain has for years remained destination number 1 in the world, for the purchase of foreign real estate by Polish citizens.


Spain is great for everybody! Both looking from the point of view of "hard" investor, seeking favorable investment capital abroad and the possibility of multiplying their earned savings. And the person or family looking for a vacation home or long stays in Spain. As well as for people seeking residence in the warm and healthy climate, on a well-deserved retirement. Increases our awareness. More and more often, Polish citizens, come to the same conclusion as the British, Irish, Scandinavians, Dutch, Belgians and Germans, decades ago.

Definitely better, cool autumns and cold Polish winter, spending in southern Europe than to "freeze" in their own country. This thesis is supported also by other important facts, such as low-cost airline in Europe, which for a dozen euros or couple of hundreds of Polish zloty, offer us a cheap flight from Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw to Alicante (Costa Blanca) and Malaga ( Costa del Sol). Also direct flights from Poland to Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. Not to mention cheap car hire at Alicante airport and other parts of Spain.

Another important factor, perhaps the most important, in favor of moving or investment on the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol in Spain, may be the fact that Poland, from year to year, it becomes more and more expensive country to live, and the costs of maintaining the property in Poland are much higher than the cost of maintaining the property in southern Spain.

All aspects concerning property buying in Spain by Polish citizens, can also be found on the website of the Polish Embassy in Madrid. Search in Trade and Investment tab - Polish Embassy in Madrid. Also visit property purchase in Spain on our website.

Costs of buying property in Spain

How much will it cost me to maintain a house or apartment in Spain? What are the total costs of buying a property in Spain? This is an important question ...
Generally speaking, the cost of the purchase of real estate is about 13% of its total value (spring-summer 2017) and like this you should calculate your budget, thinking about buying a house or apartment in Spain. To illustrate (below) is an example of the total cost of buying an apartment in the sample price of 150,000 Euro.

Apartment for 150,000 Euro purchase costs example

A total of 19,500 euros in costs (around 13%)
So the total cost of property purchase will be 150,000 euro + 19,500 euro = 169.500 euro

For more information about the required documents, the details of the process of buying real estate in Spain, obtaining a mortgage in Spain, etc. Is available on our website in the section devoted to information about property buying process in Spain. Also, information on the total cost of the purchase you will get before signing the preliminary contract in our office.

Costs of property maintenance in Spain

What are the costs of maintaining a property in Spain?
How much will I pay per month for my property in Costa Blanca?

What is it and how much it costs "comunidad" in Spain

First the good news: The cost of maintaining an apartment, villa or a house in Spain is much lower than in Poland. For a simple example, two bedrooms apartment (two bedrooms and living room) and about 60m2, located on the urbanization with communal pool in locations around: Orihuela Costa - Torrevieja - Alicante. The cost will vary in the range of 250-300 euros per annum, payable every 6 or 12 months. This is called "Comunidad" in Spain and generally accepted standard payment method is every 6 or 12 months.


However, on the very exclusive urbanizations and developmetns with few swimming pools, a well-tended Mediterranean garden, the "Comunidad" can reach up to 100-150 euros per month or more. The price of maintenance is mainly determined by the size and quality of common parts on the urbanization: the gardens and swimming pools, the amount of elevators in buildings, etc.

For the property type - detached house with a plot, there are no "Comunidad", except that, the property belongs to the urbanization and have common parts. There are of course in Spain very exclusive estates, where monthly maintenance costs 500 - 700 euros and more. (Including such properties we have available in our listing).

Real estate tax in Spain or I.B.I

I.B.I or Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles. More about this tax on the Spanish Wikipedia: check I.B.I Espana. In addition to the cost of maintaining the property in Spain, described above, there is an annual property tax to pay, or cadastral tax, the so-called. "Suma" or I.B.I tax, which is paid every year in the month of October. Payment of the tax depends on the size of the property and location. Those taxes are not high and to illustrate the apartment with an area of about 60m2 near Alicante, Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa - the cost of this tax ranges from 150 to 250 euros per year.


Why maintenance of a property in Spain is so cheap? An important factor determining the low maintenance property in Spain (we're talking about the southern shores of the Mediterranean - Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa de Almeria, Costa de la Luz, Costa Calida and a few other 'Costas') is that lack of permanent heating, or central heating systems.

In the winter months, from the beginning of December to the end of February/March, the heating is mainly used air conditioning or small stoves, oil/gas, which are enough to heat your home or apartment. Some of the property with "south" orientetion, even in winter they don't need heating, because its sunrays are sufficient to heat the building. It's also a very important factor to consider when looking for a property in Spain to purchase. Especially if you're going to spend winter in Spain.

Electricity and water bills in Spain

Electricity bill - payable every two months (according to the consumption from the meter).
Water bill - payable every three or two months, according to the consumption (in this bill also includes rubbish disposal on the premises, street cleaning and street lighting on the urbanistation).

Property rentals in Spain

How much can i generate from property rental in Spain? How much money i will get to rent a house, apartment or villa?
This is a very common question from our clients.
A great idea to generate passive income may be idea of renting a property in Spain. Both the long-term lease and short term rental can be a good source of investment income for property owner.

Our agency has been intensively renting out property in Spain for last 10 years. If you buy a property through our sales office and decide you want to rent it out, we automatically add your house, apartment or villa, signing a relevant agreement to our database of rental apartments and houses in Spain, which you can see on our website dedicated to property leases in Spain: IBERMAXX rental properties in Spain (link to the IBERMAXX rentals, opens in new window).

House in Spain, villa on Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol, studio apartment, commercial premises, or attractive apartment can be a good source of additional income and generate a steady income for the owner of a property in Spain.

Guaranteed rental in Spain through IBERMAXX office

When buying a real estate with IBERMAXX we will add your property to our database of rental (link to IBERMAXX rental website above) properties on Costa Blanca. We don't promise, we deliver.
We don't advertise our properties as 6%, 10% or 15% percent return on investment, as we know from practice that this is complete nonsense, which has no basis in reality.
The reality on the Spanish property market is completely different, sometimes worse and sometimes better. After purchasing also advise you where and how to advertise your property to get a good income from rent.

Real estate on the Costa Blanca our specialization

Costa Blanca in southern Spain, remains one of the most attractive areas for investment and  for the purchase of an apartment or single-family home in Spain. Also, tourist and climate support this great southern Europe region.


This is one of the most beautiful areas of southern Spain. More and more Polish people decide to buy a house, a villa, own a land or to build a new house. Or even invest into commercial premises to conduct their own business here. Many families are choosing to move to Spain. Sending children to Spanish schools, Spanish universities and colleges in the Cervantes's country.

The climate on the Costa Blanca

The main reason why the Costa Blanca and Alicante area, enjoying such success for many years, for people thinking about moving, or real estate investments in the region are: more than 320 sunny days a year; mild, sunny winter , beautiful, sandy and uncontaminated beaches of the Costa Blanca. Well-kept cities and towns, fantastic roads and motorways, modern airports of Alicante, Murcia (San Javier) - the new airport in Murcia opening soon.

Extremely healthy climate on the Costa Blanca, especially for the elderly. In addition, around the town of Torrevieja there are a special microclimate because of the salty lakes surrounding the city and the mining of salt. In the area of Lo Pagan on the Costa Calida (approx. 80km from Alicante to the south) are healing mud used in rheumatic diseases and skin disorders. Go to IBERMAXX information-guide - all about the Costa Blanca in Spain on IBERMAXX rentals/accommodations website.

Costa Blanca beaches

Sandy and free. All beaches in Spain are free. Most of the beaches of Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja, Alicante and Costa Blanca each year they get a Blue Flag of the European Union. This is the award for outstanding cleanliness of beaches, water and land sites for sunbathing, showers, deck chairs, etc. Leaving only a few kilometers from major cities such as Alicante and Torrevieja, we come across dozens of kilometers of quiet, often deserted beaches. The Costa Blanca also have a lot of beaches for nudists.
Go to IBERMAXX information/guide - top 10 beaches on the Costa Blanca on the IBERMAXX rentals website.

Alicante the Costa Blanca's capital

The provincial capital - the city of Alicante. The population of 330,000 inhabitants (data from 2016). Beautiful, lively all year round, a large city that is the "gateway" of the Costa Blanca. Alicante Airport is called El Altet, located 9km away from the city center of Alicante.
Low cost airlines connect Poland and Alicante (less than 3 hours flight from Poland). Direct flights to Alicante from Warsaw (Norwegian airlines), Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan (Ryanair).
Above the town dominate the picturesque ruins of the castle of Santa Barbara. Broad, colorful crowd filled the streets of this city, are a magnet for tourists and people looking for a good vacation in Spain or to buy real estate from all over Europe. The cosmopolitan atmosphere. Great city to visit.

In Alicante there are language schools of Spanish language, a large university in Alicante, in which study students from tUnited States, Canada and European countries. Also language schools in Alicante are available for you. A lot of citizens of the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and other Western European countries have property in Alicante and the surrounding area.
In Alicante there is no problem with the car rental companies or finding accommodation in a hotel or apartment. Alicante is a great city for shopping, choosing to upscale Spanish restaurant in Alicante, tapas bar, or a small, charming cafe and walk along a stunning seaside promenade. Where the whole family can have a great time for the whole day. Be sure to visit Alicante on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Go to IBERMAXX information/guide to Alicante on IBERMAXX rentals website.

Torrevieja on Costa Blanca

City of Torrevieja. The population of approximately 120,000 inhabitants (data from 2016). Other sources, for example. Wikipiedia, give a smaller number because not all residents of Torrevieja are reporting in their properties after purchase.
Alicante airport is just 45km away. Excellent geographical location of the city determines its exceptional qualities of climate and health. Torrevieja lies between two salt lakes and the sea. Healty air from the salt lagoons and the sea, creating a special microclimate for the city. High salt content in the air, makes the climate very healthy, especially for the elderly people. The air is crystal clear, there are no factories or industries. "Zero" environmental pollution.

The World Health Organization declared Torrevieja as a one of the best and healthiest places to live for humans. It attracts tourists and families who want to buy a property and investors from all over Europe. Also the infrastructure of the former, a fishing town in recent years has made tremendous progress. Built large shopping centers, seaside promenades, many new schools, highways and roads. The city is growing by leaps and bounds.
Great transport links with other parts of Spain and the rest of Europe, are situated in Torrevieja, as an attractive place to buy an apartment, villa or your dream home in Spain. Check our offers for sale of real estate in Torrevieja and the surrounding area.
Go to IBERMAXX information/guide to Torrevieja on IBERMAXX rentals/accommodations in Spain.

Orihuela Costa on the Costa Blanca

Where is Orihuela Costa located in Spain? Orihuela Costa is a coastal strip stretching south from Torrevieja to the town of Pilar de la Horadada. It's part of the Costa Blanca with beautiful sandy beaches. Orihuela Costa is part of the Costa Blanca south area. From the Orihuela Costa to Alicante Airport is about 55km. Here is located the majority of our properties for sale. Orihuela Costa is the most popular place in Spain to purchase real estate.


Areas such as Cabo Roig, La Zenia, Villamartim, Campoamor, Punta Prima, La Florida, Playa Flamenca, Los Balcones, or Los Altos are great places with very attractive real estate to buy. Moving a few kilometers inland, we come across a lot of great golf courses and residential urbanization with golf properties available to buy.

It's also an opportunity to buy an apartment or villa with stunning views of the golf course. Spain is not just beaches and sun. Golf courses and real estate located on them, can also be a great investment and become your new home in Spain. See IBERMAXX listings for sale of villas, houses, plots and so called Spanish fincas (a rural property in Spain). Make sure to visit properties on golf courses in the area of Orihuela Costa.
Go to IBERMAXX information/guide to the Orihuela Costa on IBERMAXX rental/accommodation in Spain.

City of Orihuela on the Costa Blanca

Orihuela city. Population 90,000 inhabitants (data from 2016 years). Orihuela is a city which is approximately 25 km from the coast. Typical Spanish town with nice architecture and few churches worth visiting. Shops, bars, restaurants. Typical Spanish atmosphere. Please don't confuse Orihuela town with Orihuela Costa.
Go to IBERMAXX information/guide Orihuela on IBERMAXX rentals/accommodations in Spain.

Algorfa on the Costa Blanca

Algorfa is a small town, actually a village. At the moment booming town with beautiful, green urbanizations and great golf, including golf course - La Finca. Also, 5 star hotel and spa is located in Algorfa. A good place to invest and buy property for those seeking tranquility and escape from the hustle and bustle of the Costa Blanca. Check the best property in Algorfa in our offer. And also visit the Algorfa guide on IBERMAXX rental website.

Montesinos on the Costa Blanca

Small, provincial and very charming town on the route from Torrevieja to Ciudad Quesada. The population of foreigners, especially English expats now are more than 50% of all the inhabitants of this town (village). Are you looking for peace and tranquility in Spain? Check the property for sale in Montesinos on the Costa Blanca. Check Montesinos guide on IBERMAXX rentals website.

In the above descriptions, we have limited ourselves to present only a few villages on the Costa Blanca, Orihuela Costa and Alicante. There are more pretty towns in the area such as Santa Pola, Gran Alacant, Guardamar del Segura, Arenales del Sol, Murcia town. It's impossible to list and describe all cities and towns in our region. Property sales offers from different cities - go to our Spanish property listings engine on our website.

Malaga on Costa del Sol

City located in the province of Andalucia. Malaga is the capital and the "gateway" to the Costa del Sol. Malaga have a great choice of cheap flights with most European cities, including Poland. Also plenty of cheap flights from United Kingdom, mainly from the airports of London.
The city was founded more than 3,000 years ago by Phoenician merchants, but then called Malaca (probably derived from the word Malaca - salt). Since that time, Malaga was ruled by Carthaginians, Romans and Moors, each of them left a priceless treasure of architecture and culture in Malaga.

Today, Malaga is home to about 600,000 residents and has different functions: the port, the industrial center of Andalusia, as well as being one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Until now, the city is untainted by mass tourism and Malaga from year to year is becoming more popular among real estate investors. Attraction is its architectural layout, which makes it particularly attractive to overseas visitors. Malaga city centre it's a maze of narrow streets, historic buildings, charming shops in the old style, gardens, mansions, churches and vibrant squares.

Calle Marques de Larios, Plaza de la Constitucion and Calle de Granada are the backbone of the commercial district of Malaga. Most of the side streets in the area are filled with tapas bars and wine cellars with wine and typical Andalusian restaurants. Weekends, of course, is the best time to enjoy the nightlife, you need to be aware that for many people the evening starts at 23.00 / 00.00 and people don'tt return home until the early hours of the morning.
Malaga has an excellent transport infrastructure. Malaga Airport handles over 11.5 million passengers a year. Go to IBERMAXX information/guide to Malaga on the Costa del Sol on IBERMAXX rentals website in Spain.

Marbella on Costa del Sol

Marbella is a city in Andalusia in southern Spain. It lies on the Mediterranean coast in the province of Malaga at the foot of La Concha mountain. In 2000 the city had 98,823 inhabitants, and in 2010. 135,000. Marbella is particularly popular with tourists from Northern Europe (including the UK, Ireland and Germany), Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. It's a major destination for cruise ships and luxury yachts. From Marbella it's easy to get to other places such asMalaga and Algeciras.

Marbella has an area of 100 km2 and has 24 km of beaches. MArbella is known worldwide as one of the elegant and beautiful holiday destinations in Southern Europe. It has everything: beaches, mountains, old world charm, cosmopolitan atmosphere and service. Surroundings are villages and towns, wonderful climate, which maintains lower temperatures in the summer and warm in the winter than in the rest of the province of Malaga. Marbella has attracted the rich and famous people for many decades. Many people who come here on vacation decide to permanent residency and buy property in Spain.

Despite the influx of many tourists, Marbella has retained its charm and personality. This is most apparent in the old part of town, a few steps from the elegant estate in the port area, where you can see attractions such as the "Orange Square" or Plaza de los Naranjos.
In the last decade Marbella attracted many foreigners who decide to buy their own apartment or villa in this part of Spain. This led to a sharp increase in real estate prices providing a first place Marbella, next to Puerto Banus as one of the most expensive places in Spain to invest in real estate abroad. Go to IBERMAXX information/guide Marbella on IBERMAXX rentals/accommodation on the Costa del Sol in Andalucia.

Puerto Banus on Costa del Sol

Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol, located in the southwest of Marbella and about 60 km from Málaga and the airport, easily accessible from the motorway A-7, AP-7 or national road N-340. Converted into a luxury shopping complex by local developers José Banus and opened in May 1970. Now Puerto Banus is a Address for the super-rich and famous. During the official opening of Puerto Banus event was attended by celebrities such as the royal couple of Monaco and movie stars.

In the center of Puerto Banus is a luxury marina where there is room for about 915 vessels. Several yachts belongs for the richest people in the world, ie. The King of Saudi Arabia and tfew Russian oligarchs. Next to the marina in Puerto Banus there are many bars, shops and restaurants, as well as the huge El Corte Inglés - a well-known Spanish department store.
Puerto Banus has a good selection of hotels and real estate for sale, ie. Villas, apartments, apartments, penthouses, and very luxurious property in Spain.
Puerto Banus also has many sandy beaches, including Playa Artola, Nueva Andalucia Playa, Playa Rio Verde and El Ancon Beach is also a popular destination for water sports. Check our offer of sale of real estate in and around Puerto Banus and Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

Estepona on the Costa del Sol

Real Estate in Estepona on the Costa del Sol. Estepona grown into a sizeable town, known for its beautiful and sandy beaches. Estepona is located south of Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Spain. It's inhabited by about 60,000 residents. It's a bit quieter than many neighboring towns on the Costa del Sol and has retained much of its old Spanish charm. Estepona is surrounded by mountains of the Sierra Bermeja, with a unique microclimate, and enjoy 325 days of sunshine a year, making it the perfect place for a family holiday at any time of the year.

The charming "Old Town" in Estepona still has narrow cobblestone streets, reminding visitors to the old days. Here you can enjoy a coffee at one of the local cafes or just sit and admire its charm.
The marina in Estepona is located on the western end of the seafront promenade. It's a popular destination among tourists and full of life both day and night, because of the abundance of bars, restaurants and discos in the area.

The main attraction for visitors seem to be great beaches in the city. Estepona has 2 great beaches "Blue Flag" and boasts about 21 km of beaches in the area, so everyone will find something for themselves. There are also excellent water sports facilities, as well as many golf courses.
Recommended hotels in Estepona is the Hotel Bahia Estepona, Selenza Estepona Thalasso & Spa and Hotel Atalaya Park Golf Hotel.
The closest airports are in Gibraltar (45km) and Malaga (80 km). See IBERMAXX listings of real estate in Estepona on the Costa del Sol. Go to IBERMAXX information/guide to Estepona on IBERMAXX rentals/accommodation in Andalusia.

Spanish lifestyle and Spanish mentality

When buying a property in Spain - you will have to adapt a little to the Spanish customs and the Spanish way of life. At first it may be a little difficult, but then you get used to ... .. for sure ...
"Maniana" is a very common word that we hear during our visits, or while living in Spain. What's "maniana" mean?

In Spanish it means "tomorrow" and perhaps most characterize the Spanish mentality and way of life of the Spanish nation. Golden rule number 1 in Spain, what must not be done today, it may be just as well done tomorrow! What a really simple! ... Is not it?

Humorously, but seriously now. Foreigners wanting to stay in Spain must learn it and just accept it. Even in public institutions such as banks, offices and notary offices - everywhere it applies this principle and you need to comply with "maniana" and be just patient.

Cheerful and joyful way of life, is characteristic in this beautiful country, a smile and kind words can sometimes work wonders. The afternoon siesta from 2 PM to 5 PM also for some "new" in Spain, it may be cumbersome, but is dictated by a hot climate. Be sure to visit IBERMAXX information/guide living in Spain from A to Z - on website IBERMAXX rentals in Spain.


Frequently asked questions when planning to buy property in Spain

How to get to Costa Blanca?

Check prices on all car hire in Spain

For IBERMAXX customers planning to buy a property in Spain, we offer free transportation from the airport in Alicante and accommodation in the apartment (50 € per day), at the time of searching for the property.

How is the education system in Spain?
It's free and at a fairly high level. On the Spanish coasts there are many English, Germans and Scandinavian schools available. On the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, about 70% of children in classrooms are from other countries, even if you plan to send your child to school in Spain, certainly it will not feel alienated. They are available free Spanish language school on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. For more information visit IBERMAXX guide to education in Spain.

How to open your own business in Spain?
After Poland's accession to the EU we does not need any additional licenses to start a business in Spain. The process of opening companies in Spain is much simpler and quicker than in Poland. You have an idea for a business in Spain? Contact IBERMAXX office. We can help.

How is medical care in Spain?
Healthcare system in Spain is at pretty high level and available free of charge to retired citizens of the European Union. Accepted are also international health insurances. More information on IBERMAXX guide to health care in Spain.

Can i get a job in Spain?
Yes. After the Polish accession to the EU citizens of our country does not need any additional permits in order to work in Spain. There are no additional restrictions. More information on IBERMAXX guide - working in Spain.

What is the cost of living in Spain?
As in Poland, although some foods can be even cheaper than in our country. Some are more expensive. Cost of living and maintenance are very similar. Fuel costs, property maintenance (such as rent, electricity, water, other charges, in many cases are cheaper than in Poland). More information on IBERMAXX guide cost of living in Spain.

Useful vocabulary when buying a home in Spain

Escritura - the act of ownership of real estate - property deeds
Hipoteca - mortgage bank, mortgage on real estate
Abogado - lawyer, attorney
Se vende - for sale
Se alquila - for rent
Gestor comercial - officer in charge of the bank's mortgage lending to buy real estate
Vendido - sold
Suma, IBI - property taxes, cadastral tax on real estate
Notaria - notary, notary office, where we sign a deed to the property



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