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Spain Easter 2020 in lockdown

Unfortunately - this year's Semana Santa (Holy Easter) we all have to spend at home. Sometimes away from loved ones. We, the permanent residents of Spain, are experiencing it very painfully. It's not easy for everyone. Nothing indicates that something has changed, at least until April 19, 2020. If you believe the "mainstream" media ...


Easter has begun in Spain. Usually, these days are the most solemnly celebrated holidays in the entire Spanish calendar of los festivos. Not only church's holiday, but also from all national holidays. This year, all of us will spend it locked up. Not everyone is lucky to be with their loved ones.
For example, our friends, who usually spend a few months in Spain a year, had the bad luck that part of the family stayed in Poland and part is still in Spain now.
Our employee's daughter got stuck in Indonesia. She was supposed to come back yesterday. I don't have confirmed information yet if she succeeded. I believe so ...

However, today's media allows at least visual audio contact with family and loved ones.

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Also for us, members of IBERMAXX team, Easter time time does not end in peace. Some of you, our clients, have paid down payments for the purchased real estate. Some people are waiting for the completion of construction and commissioning of the house or apartment. Finally, some of you are just waiting to sign the property deeds and are looking forward to the news from Spain - hoping for information when they will finally resume flights and you will be able to fly to Alicante.

We monitor situation in Spain on daily basis

Here an appeal to you, please don't worry. All your purchase transactions are under control and we monitor the situation on an ongoing basis. Both for developers and second hand property purchase transactions.
As soon as all institutions are open in Spain: banks, offices, notaries, offices and other institutions, we will inform you as soon as possible when you can finalize your property transaction.

We care about all this.

Believe us, there are many such people in a similar situation. We have nothing else to do but be patient and wait for the return to normality, which - hopefully - Pedro Sanchez will announce soon after the Easter holidays.

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