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Spanish real estate market is doing well October November 2018

The Spanish real estate market is doing very well until now. Despite information and signals from global markets, the upcoming Brexit and the trade war between the United States and China. Nothing indicates that this will change for now. Overseas buyers and investors in the south of Spain are keep coming.

For now, there is nothing to prevent the Spanish real estate market from slowing down. New apartments and houses are still selling great, and real estate prices are growing steadily. This is particularly evident from the offers from the developer/new builds.
Developers get new building permits, and construction cranes are more and more visible on the horizon.
You can see it both on the Costa Blanca and on the Costa del Sol. Two of the most popular regions of southern Spain to buy real estate and investments in the country of Cervantes.

The Spanish real estate market returns: + 10.9%

According to statistics published by the Central Bank of Spain (Banco de Espana) in August 2018. The expected return on the residential real estate market in Spain is 10.9%

This result comes from two sources: gross profitability estimated at 4.1% and capital profit estimated at 6.8%.

Good forecasts for 2019

The first good news: 10.9% is the expected return for the next year from August 2018!
This is one of the highest expectations since 2008!

Second good news

Mortgage rates in Spain oscilate around 2%.
And it remains at the lowest level in the last 10 years.
Current information for August 2018.

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Costa Blanca SW - Torrevieja +34 966 444 615
Costa Blanca N - Alicante + 34 966 291 275
Costa del Sol - Marbella +34 608 521 773

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