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1.550.000 EURO 350 sqm new villa in Altea Hills

Price: 1.550.000 EURO

Price: 1.550.000 EURO convert currency count the approximate monthly instalment
Property reference: IBTi4343

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Country: SPAIN
Town: Altea Hills
Property type: Luxury property
Market: primary
Property area: 350,00 m2
Land area: 830,00 m2
Min Beds: 4
Air conditioning: Air conditioning
Garage: Garage
Balcony terrace: Balcony terrace
Pool: Pool


High-class modern villa in the hills of Altea, which construction began in the early 2016. For the construction were used the best materials, the first classes. Excellent facility, located in one of the best locations in Altea Hills with magnificent views of the sea and the magnificent mountain range. Quiet neighborhood. The technical equipment in accordance with the latest standards. On 350 square meters you will find four bedrooms and three bathrooms. In addition, a great pool, lighted garden, 830 square meters plot.

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Urszula Hanke

Urszula Hanke

+34 966 444 615


Property in Spain

Investment in Spanish property market. Here, latest information related to the purchase of a house, an apartment or a nice holiday apartment in Spain. Spanish properties for sale by IBERMAXX Real Estate agency. Buy now, or to wait and refrain from buying a house or apartment in Spain ....? Many investors in foreign property and ordinary families, dreaming to own a real estate in Spain, daily ask themselves this key question. Is the crisis in Spain will last a long time, or cheap Spanish property will still be available in the next couple of months or incomming years?

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These kinds of very  important questions, daily, arrive at our real estate office from our clients, interested in buying or investing in Spanish property especially in area of Costa Blanca. Check also how to buy property in Spain in our property guide. Sprawdź także polską wersję nieruchomości Hiszpania IBERMAXX.

Spanish property always on the top

Unfortunately, no one knows the definite answer what happens to the Spanish economy over the next year or two. You can only predict and learn from the past, and only draw conclusions from that. But professional property investors knows, time to buy in Spain is now.... when the property are cheap and there are a lot of bank repossessions and real bargains on property in Costa Blanca or on property in Costa del Sol area.

News that reach the people from outside Spain, by the mass media, the state and situation of the Spanish economy, don't show even 1% of the today's Spanish reality. The news misslead the current macroeconomic situation in Spain and Spanish real estate market. We always trying explain to our client what's going on, on Spanish costas and in property hot spots in south of Spain. Sometimes in vain. Some people still think by stereotypes, and it's hard to convince them.

Spanish crisis?  ... not on southern coasts

First of all. The situation in the Spanish real estate market in the area in which we sell houses and apartments, in the south of Spain, near the beaches and the coastal areas, differs radically from the center of Spain, Madrid, Bilbao, Toledo, Santander and Barcelona, ​​or otherwise, largest cities in this beautiful country.

Here the property crisis is invisible, where shops and restaurants are full of visitors and customers, and every store you need to wait in line for the cash register. And there is a economic crisis, and it is a "strong", but in large Spanish cities in the north and center of the country.
In Spain, of course, is huge unemployment, especially among young people are out of work. Many people lose their jobs and permanent salaries. However, in the south of Spain, on the coast of the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and others, that there is no crisis. You will don't notice a sign of economic crisis. I just can not see it.

Spanish beaches are the main reason to invest in Spanish property

We do a lot of real estate sales transactions, every week. On the Spanish coast, is a huge number of people, not only professional real estate investors, but also ordinary people who once could only dream about a house in Spain. New properties from developers and constructors, selling out like crazy, as before, developers sales black holes in the ground. And there are hungry buyers from overseas.

Who is buing property in Spain today?

Swedes, Norwegians, French, Germans and Russians are buying cheap property in Spain. Poles are catching up. Once, many people could only dream of a house or apartment in Spain. Maybe you should listen to the richest and wisest of the world, such as famous Donald Trump, who actually encourages foreign investment in real estate, mostly talking about property in Spain and property in the United States.

Spanish fiestas and great Spanish culture is a magnet for home buyers in Spain

But what is associated with the property crisis in Spain? How to use it for own purposes? It's mean few good things for the new home buyer in Spain. On the Spanish property market are available great properties and we have in our offer amazing property bergains. Some property owners are desperate to sell their property and come to us incredible deals on the property in good locations in Spain, at very low prices. Of course, good location, high-end homes, are doing well. Here is difficult for an incredible opportunity, but sometimes happens...

Get a mortgage in Spain now

This is not a case with Spanish banks and taking out a mortgage in Spain. It is difficult, in general, it is harder to take a mortgage in Spain at the moment. But in IBERMAXX for our new clients, we have prepared special offers where there will be not difficult to find for you a right mortgage loan with a good intrest rate. Leave it to our real estate office.

To sup up our arguments on how to invest in Spanish property: you should now came to Spain and see around for yourself. What to do? First of all, please call our office in Torrevieja (Costa Blanca South branch) or L'Albir (Costa Blanca North branch).
Book yourself a few days (preferably 4) to stay with us in Spain. You do not have to worry about anything when you arrive. We pick you up from Alicante airport free of charge. You can take advantage of our apartments for rent, when we charge only 40€ per night for whole apartment (max. 4 people).

Shopping in Spain is another reason to buy a house in Spain

The next day we will start seeing prepared properties for you, with the criteria for the property that you are intrested to buy. In our portfolio you can find all offers from Costa Blanca area. We have two offices covering the southern and northern Costa Blanca. South and north from Alicante.

And we also cooperate with real estate agency on Costa del Sol. If your criterion is a low budget, you want to invest, but do not spend "a fortune" and see what's happen in future, we recommend to concentrate in properties from Costa Blanca South area. Properties from Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa area.
If you are looking for luxury and a high standart we recomend a Costa Blanca North area (IBERMAXX office in Playa Albir). We will show you property offers from the builders and developers in Spain. Also property from banks in Spain and property auctions in Spain. Deals from the primary and secondary property market.

We work hard for our customers to always find special deals. Have you ever dream of a houses in the sun, close to the beach, with a beautiful garden, great swimming pool. House which you will be visiting again and again, invite friends and family and discovering Spain?
Please visit us at IBERMAXX offices, and we will find you a property in Spain, of your dreams....


Costa Blanca North property

Property in Spain by IBERMAXX International Real Estate agency. Offers of properties for sale from the north part of Costa Blanca in Spain. Here you will find properties to buy from area of Costa Blanca North.
Information about property prices in Costa Blanca North area. By mutual agreement, Costa Blanca North consists of the coast to the north, from Alicante up to Valencia.

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Here go to all current properties for sale from Costa Blanca north

The most important cities in this region are: well known, especially for British holidaymakers - Benidorm, town of Altea, Calpe, beautiful Javea, port of Denia and Oliva, closer to Valencia. Also town of Villajoyosa next to Benidorm, Benitachell, international Alfas del Pi, El Campello (Alicante), Mutxamiel in Alicante. It's also worth to visit town of Busot inland, Finestrat and Gandia.

Except these cities there is also a long coast with beautiful small towns and seaside resorts perfect to buy a property in Spain such as: Moraira or Alfaz del Pi. The whole area of north Costa Blanca is covered with scenic cities, luxury estates, great properties, world famous golf courses and premises where population of British or Scandinavians exceed Spanish population. One of such towns is Alfaz del Pi, where 80% of dwellers are Norwegians.

Are you dreaming about buying a property in Spain? Take Costa Blanca under consideration. It is the best region to purchase a property in Spain or invest in Spanish realties. Check our wide range of offers from the north part of Costa Blanca. Property in Spain only by IBERMAXX real estate agency based on Costa Blanca.

Costa Blanca North Coast

Costa Blanca Nort it's Spanish coast which is located to the north from Alicante is the most mountainous one when compared with south Costa Blanca. While driving AP7 motorway, you will notice white villas and houses set high in the mountains. From those properties there are breathtaking views on the Mediterranean Sea. Buying a property in this beautiful Spanish region can change your life forever. It can be a great idea for investment business or property purchase on Costa Blanca.

The territory located to the north from Denia is also called Costa de Azahar. It is a very common name when it comes to Spanish guide books. The most important cities in this region cover: Villajoyosa, Benidorm, Altea, Alfaz del Pi, Calpe, Benissa, Javea, Denia, Gandia, Oliva, Cullera close to Valencia. Our Real Estate agency have plenty of nice properties from this beautiful Spanish region. Visit IBERMAXX premises in L'Albir and Torrevieja.

Calpe beaches on Costa Blanca North

Costa Blanca has got the best climate on the whole south Spanish coast. Costa Brava can surprise you with pouring down rainfall in the middle of summer. On the other hand, it is snowing very often during winter and swimming in the sea is not reasonable. Costa del Sol is characterised by very strong Atlantic wind during winter months.

Costa Blanca has got the most convenient average temperatures and number of sunny days. The World Health Organisation has announced that Costa Blanca is one of the healthiest places to live. There are not any factories, manufacturing plants or big powerhouses.

The economy focuses on tourism and building and property construction trade. You will find there many real estate agencies, car rentals and high quality hotels. One of the best places to purchase a Spanish property.

Benidorm on Costa Blanca North

Mediterranean cuisine is known all over the world as the healthiest one. It can be proved by the average length of life of this region dwellers. Generally speaking, the whole Spain has got the longest life prediction in the whole European Union. The property crisis that has occurred in Spain in the last few years makes this region even more attractive for people looking to buy a property.

Buying a house in Spain we take into consideration not only the fact that it is a deposit of our fund, but also that it is an investment for our future. Even flying for a weekend to your own flat or spanish apartment makes you happy if you buy a low cost flight ticket to Alicante or Valencia. Costa Blanca can become the first or the second home. Check the Ibermaxx property offers for sale from this beautiful region of Spain.


Altea Hills property

Luxury property for sale from Altea Hills on Costa Blanca. Best properties available in IBERMAXX offers from Costa Blanca North area. Houses, villas and apartments for sale in the most prestigious locations on the Costa Blanca, the Altea Hills. A town right next to the Altea and L'Albir in Spain. Check out our current offer of overseas property sales in the vicinity of Altea and Altea Hills in Spain. Here you will find the best views for the sea and the most luxurious real estates for sale in Spain. Beautiful apartments with views of the sea and the great properties by the sea.

Altea Hills allready for many years is the most prestigious location to buy a property in Spain. In our agency you will find information on real estate prices in Altea Hills. You'll find great deals on new real estate developers in Altea Hills and the best deals on the secondary real estate market. Also offers of houses and flats for sale from the auction bank and bank acquisitions in Spain.

If your dream is truly luxury property in Spain, search for sales of Altea Hills properties in our offer. Not all current offers are posted on our website. Some of our exclusive offers are only for our special VIP customers. We show this type of property only by appointment in advance.

One of the best hotels on the Costa Blanca in Spain is located in Altea Hills. It is a five-star hotel SH Altea Hills Resort and Spa. Excellent hotel in a great location with wonderful views of the sea, and only 5 minutes from the golf course Don Cayo. Here resting richest Russians and the wealthy British, visitors to this corner of the Costa Blanca.

Altea Hills is first of all a world-class real estate for sale. Mountains and the sea. The vast majority of property in Altea Hills, lies on the slope of a huge mountain falling into the sea. From here are spectacular views of the sea and the mountains. Hence enormous potential of these homes for sale.

Altea Hills is mostly single-family homes, high-end apartments and luxury villas for sale. Be sure to check out our range of luxury properties in Altea Hills for sale. Now you can find a real bargains for sale in the time of Spanish economic crisis.
The nearest town to where you can enjoy an evening walk with family or friends, or visit a good Spanish restaurant is Altea and Albir Playa. It is 8 km from Altea Hills. Here you will find the beautiful seafront promenade and a number of good clubs, shops and entertainment venues, open all year round.

Altea Hills urbanizations buzzing with people from other countries in Europe and the world. Area is dominated by English, Russians, Germans and Scandinavians (Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Finns) who bought their overseas real estate here and live here permanently. They not only spend their holidays here, those people live in Altea Hills permanently. This characteristic of the Altea Hills area. A lot of people live permanently in this part of Spain.
Here live also golfers. This part of the Costa Blanca is full of a large number of golf courses. Nearest the Altea Hills golf course is golf course Don Cayo. Within 1 hour drive from Altea Hills lies some excellent golf courses, available to players throughout the year.

Not just real estate for sale Altea Hills dominate the area. In this corner of the Costa Blanca, many property owners rent their properties and residences for the vacation, and holidays in Spain. If you buy a house in Altea Hills you can also rent out your property for holiday rental for tourists from every corner of the world. This is an excellent method for boosting the household budget, and some high-end properties can be rented for a very high price and well earn their foreign rental property.

On the internet is a lot of offers and web portals offering such services to the owners of property in Altea Hills area. Even taking a mortgage loan at a bank in Spain and borrowing, you can pay off your mortgage from you holiday rental property.

Below are restaurants and places to eat in Altea, Altea Hills and Playa Albir. Useful information if you are looking for a particular restaurant or commercial property for sale or to buy in the area of ​​Altea Hills.
Akropolis Taberna, Menjador Almassera, Tossal Roig, Las Terrazas del Don Cayo Golf, El Chiringuito, El Italiano, Darsena Altea, L'Obrador, Il Timone, Restaurante Bienvenido S.L., Restaurante Casa Vital, Ca Toni, Club Nautico de Altea, La Tableria, Restaurante Mallol, Eric Lanneau, Tuti Frutti, Club Nautico, La Dolche Vita, El Charco, El Negro de Altea, Restaurante El Pi del Senyoret, Syberite Restaurante, MR.X, Morena, Diferens, Cocoroco, Los Jazmines, Llimera, La Vienesa, La Glorieta, Mendoza Gastronomia Colectiva S.L., Mariano Jesus Tellez Carlos, Junji Hu, Jesus Xabier Ernest Labarta, El Gaucho.

Xef Pirata - Gastro Bar, La Bruschetta, La Costera, Asasor El Torreon de Paula, Tribus, El Perro Negro, La Maja, Inigo Fusion, Restaurante El Paso, Sabor, Oustau de Altea S.L., La Capella, El Bodegon de Pepe, Bar Villa, El Pescador, El Rancho de Laura, L'Espigo Restaurant, El Patio, La Claudia, Chez Pierre, Restaurante Creative, El Cranc, San Miguel, La Tomaca Blava, Stromboli, Restaurante El Olivo, Il Giardino D'Altea, El Bar Norning Glory, Planesia, Pizzeria Claudio, AlteArte, Al Faro, Ca Joan, Rascals.

Restaurants in Altea Hills and Altea town: Internacional Chinese Restaurant, Christal de Altea, El Sueno de Altea, El Predicador, Escortel Catalan, Flamingo, Mexalfas SL, Meson Altea, Monte Molar, Ole Ole, Pipperment, Catharina Van de Werf, Costa de Altea, Diego Ripoll, Dukes, Guillermina Jimenez Guzman, Hexagon Hispana SL, Cap Blanche, Carbonera, Restaurante El Faro, Casa Calero, Teteria Jardin de los Sentidos, Veronica Wendtland, Restaurante Arroceria, Yong Heng Hu, Senses, The Show Business, Ca Mezquida, Casa Gallego, raconet, Restaurante El Negre, La Terraza, Sultanas csp, Tartana Puerto Sl, Restaurante La Bodeguilla del Bierzo, Restaurante Luna Rossa Scp, Pizzeria Sandro, Bing Chen, Bellaltea, Bar rte Granada, Bar El Tio Raul, Bar Carlos, Azpiorts Benidorm SL, Antonio Maria Martinez Cabot, oraz Angela Perez Grau.

If you are seriously considering investing in this part of the Costa Blanca, you must be aware that the Altea Hills is one of the most expensive location to buy an apartment in Spain and around the Costa Blanca. This is not a cheap place to buy a home in Spain. Great views, very high-end properties for sale and the highest quality finishing of houses and flats here, resulting in high property prices. Despite the crisis, real estate prices in Spain in Altea Hills are among the highest in the Costa Blanca. But in our offer we have several offers of sales of apartments in lower prices and we have a real opportunities from Altea Hills area.

When searching for your dream Spanish property and that investment in property abroad you should review the offer to sell the property with surrounding towns such as: property in Altea, property in Albir where the foreign real estate agency Ibermaxx is located. Worth checking out property prices in Polop, Oasis, Montebello, Los Olivos, real estate listings from Los Naranjos, La Pila, La Nucia, La Alberca, apartments in Alfaz del Pi, the apartments at Jardin de Alfaz, El Paraiso, El Mascarat, El Horizonte, El Dorado, property in Calpe and Callosa D'en Sarria. If you have rented a car at the airport in Alicante, you might want to go ahead and look for offers for sale of Altea La Vella in the old part of Altea, in the town of Altea, Alfaz de Baix in and around Albir Playa in Albir.

All these locations are beautiful places to buy a house or villa in Spain, not only as holiday properties. It is the perfect place to move to Spain permanently and settle for retirement in the corner of the Costa Blanca. Our real estate agency is specializing in property overseas and in this region of Spain. Here we have the best properties for sale, cheap apartments and luxury villas. Whatever your needs, we will find you the perfect, Spanish property in your budget, you're planning to spend on such foreign investment.

Altea Hills is perfectly connected with the rest of the Costa Blanca and other parts of Spain. The entrance to the Altea Hills is located directly on the N332 road route from Altea to Calpe. The entrance to Altea Hills is on the left side, visible from the road a large inscription (sign) Altea Hills. Just at the entrance to the Altea Hills is a newly built Orthodox church with a beautiful golden dome shining in the sun.

Church was built in conjunction with a lot of Russians living in Altea Hills. Funds for the construction of the church and rectory, come from the generous donations of Russian citizens in Altea Hills. It should be added that it is very rich Russians who have lived here for years and newcomers who buy the most expensive and most luxurious property in Altea Hills. These offers are also available from ourreal estate IBERMAXX very close to Altea Hills.


Luxury property Spain

Luxury property for sale in Spain. Premium class properties in our real estate agency portfolio. Top quality properties to buy in Spain. Offers from Costa Blanca South, Costa Blanca North and luxury property for sale on Costa del Sol, Costa Brava and other regions of Spain. Check our offer of so-called top shelf sector of properties. We offer seaside properties, countryside properties, large villas, fincas and luxury premises for sale in Spain.

Check our foreign real estate agency offers. This is the property segment with the highest standard of technology and the highest quality of finishes and fittings in luxury properties. Luxury mansion by the sea in Spain, country estates, large and luxurious villas and estates with a large plot of land. We have it all.
Luxury property in Spain, now at lower prices. Plenty of opportunities from primary and secondary real estate market in Spain.

Luxury properties for sale from IBERMAXX

To call some property a luxury property, it must meet certain standards of this kind, comply with the relevant standards, as defined by the rules of the country. On the Spanish real estate market there are no specific rules and regulations, in order to called property a luxury property. However, there are certain requirements that determine a property called a luxury suite, a luxurious villa or luxury penthouse.

The most important of them include, above all, a high standard of finish, air conditioning (previously installed in the walls of the property), the relevant properties sunlight illumination, the minimum hight of real estate at 2.9 m, and adequate protection against noise coming from outside. High quality windows.

The minimum living area of ​​the luxury property should be 100m2, although there are few exceptions from this rule, such as very good locations in Spain, where real estate prices depend only on the prime and prestigious location. Browse our current offers of luxury homes and apartments in Spain. Here, information on the prices of luxury real estate in Spain.


Currency converter:

Price: 1.550.000 EURO
Currency Average exchange rate Price after convertion
US dollar 1.1234 1 741 270,00 USD
Pound sterling 0.8921 1 382 755,00 GBP
Polish zloty 4.2605 6 603 775,00 PLN
Swiss franc 1.1214 1 738 170,00 CHF
Norwegian krone 9.7938 15 180 390,00 NOK
Russian rouble 72.1432 111 821 960,00 RUB
Update date: 2019-06-18

Instalment calculator:

Amount: EURO
Number of years:
Interest rate: %
Monthly installment: EURO

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