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Benefits of investment

The benefits of investment in Spain. Why choose an agency IBERMAXX to buy property abroad and why to decide in general for the agency mediates in selling houses and apartments in Spain? Is not it cheaper to buy a property on my own, buying directly from the owner?
Where to buy real estate in Spain? In what region of Spain do you decide to invest in property abroad?

Time for Spain, time for IBERMAXX ...

A large group of people and some investors still think that the real estate agency, equal to the higher price and high commission from the transaction of buying - selling real estate overseas. This is not the case when buying by IBERMAXX - a experienced real estate agency with multi sales of Spanish properties abroad. At IBERMAXX we don't charge commission from the buyer.
And for customers who buy from us real estate from the primary market - new property development - we offer 2000 Euro CASHBACK. Check out this offer here.


Buying a home or apartment abroad is a very important decision in our life, not only for a professional real estate investor, but also for any family who will own a second home abroad in a sunny country and in a warm climate of southern Spain.

Do not risk buying on your own in Spain

When buying a property by your own in Spain, you are at a real risk, not only for losing money, but also for acquiring a "problematic" property in legal terms. Many years of experience in the market, as well as the clients who come to us with various legal problems, confirm our experience in this field.
It is not worth risking buying with new and inexperienced agencies on the Spanish real estate market, and with "online" agencies offering real estate in Spain for sale and for rent.

Purchase with IBERMAXX from A to Z

By buying through our agency, you will have a Spanish lawyer automatically assigned to you and guaranteed 100% that your new property will be legally transferable to you as a new owner. You will have full confidence that the property you are purchasing is not subject to any debt and all property documents are in good order.

We also will help you to obtain a mortgage for your property in Spain.
And after your purchase we will rent your property (if you have such a wish), we will tell you how to pay for electricity, water, communal fees and where to pay real estate taxes in Spain.
These are just a few of the arguments that should convince you that you are welcome to contact us and through us to buy a house or apartment in Spain.


In the case of buying property abroad, the purchase and purchase process of the real estate in Spain looks quite different than in your home country. Here you need to know well the local real estate market. There are often other rules governing land management and development bodies. Other laws, state laws and other taxes, applaying to the purchase and sale of real estate in Spain.

Also the whole process of buying property in Spain looks quite different than in your country.
Deciding to buy on your own, you risk so much. You risk falling into a trap, which is not always easy to get out without knowing the local laws, Spanish language, Spanish laws and customs of the state. Sometimes a trap very expensive and difficult to get out, not to mention the lost time. Sometimes it may take months or even years until the problem is resolved.

The use of the IBERMAXX real estate agency does not imply additional costs and commissions charged to you and the increase in the final price of the property. Sometimes it's just the opposite. The commission for our real estate agency is already calculated on the sale price of the property listed on the offer. And the security of each transaction simply has no price. Someone who has already bought a property knows exactly what we want to say.
Also when buying real estate from developers (off plan), buying through our office means an extra discount or for example a free furniture package or kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Help from us at every stage of property purchase in Spain

In some cases it is necessary to take out a mortgage abroad. The real estate agency IBERMAXX deals with helping and carrying out the whole process of obtaining mortgage in Spain. We have excellent contacts with local banks in Spain, so our client is always treated in a "special" way by bank autorities. We deal with the entire process of obtaining a mortgage for an apartment or house in Spain from A to Z. During buying process you are constantly informed about the whole process of getting a mortgage on a foreign property by IBERMAXX'S realtors.

Year by year, more and more families decide to buy and invest in real estate abroad. Spain seems to be a most popular destination for a second residence in southern Europe. A house, apartment or luxury residence in Spain is a great way to improve your lifestyle and "stay for a while" in another country and the experience of another culture. Also more and more retirees and people leaving active work, also decides to buy real estate in Spain.

Buying property in Spain through IBERMAXX you get:

 Consulting in real estate in the world

The activity of our foreign real estate agency is focused on Spain because of the "physical" location of our offices. However, if your vision of good foreign investment goes beyond real estate in Europe, we will advise you how and where to buy a home or apartment in every corner of the world.
Especially in Latin American countries, the Caribbean and South American countries, where IBERMAXX has excellent contacts with real estate agencies for foreigner investors. Real estate outside Europe is still a very niche property market, but here we are looking forward to the future and we will be looking after you if you report us your needs and present us your investment plans.
We will find you an investment in every country in the world. Not only real estate in southern Europe and Mediterranean real estate.



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