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Currency exchange in Spain

Currency exchange in Spain. What is the best way to exchange currency from Polish zloty to euro for real estate purchase in Spain? If you decide to buy a property in Spain you will need the euro to finalize your transaction and complete the purchase process. First, we will open a bank account for you here in Spain. You will get an internet access to your new bank account in Spain and on this new account you will need to send money to Spain in the next step. You can make an online transfer yourself or outsource it to your bank in Poland or another country.

To reserve the property you can pay by card or cash

To withdraw the property from the market we need 3,000 Euros payment as a deposit/reservation.  You can pay cash or credit / debit card at our office. We accept payments by VISA, MasterCard, American Express.


During the process of transferring money from Poland to Spain, it will be extremely important for you the exchange rates of Polish zloty against the euro. Unless you live in another country in Europe that belongs to the euro zone and you make money in euros. Or you have a Swedish crown account or you are earning in Norwegian crowns.
If you have a bank account in Switzerland it will be Swiss francs.
The same situation applies to people living and working in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. You need to exchange the British pounds or the Scottish pounds to the euro and transfer them to your new bank in Spain. On the account that will open for you after your arrival in Spain.

It's not possible to transfer funds directly from Poland or another country to the property owner's account. Except the developer account. About all these nuances about currency exchange and money transfer from Poland and other countries to Spain, you will be very carefully informed by the IBERMAXX real estate agent at the time of showing the property.

Transfer your money earlier

Many people who buying property in Spain, leaving money transfer and currency exchange to the last moment before the purchase transaction. It's not worth doing. Usually funds from Poland to Spain need few days to arrive and we can not be late for the time of the planned signing deeds of the property. Avoid stress and nerves. Transfer your money earlier to Spain.

How to save on the euro exchange rate

During currency exchange operations from zloty to euro, you will be exposed to a high euro exchange rate to the zloty. We know that banks in Poland don't have a favorable exchange rate for us. In this case, you may want to take advantage of other forms of international money transfers. Take advantage of services such as Money Exchange, Transferwise, FairFx or other internet exchange offices.
Take advantage of other forms of online money transfers abroad. It's worth to look on the internet or to look for advise from your friends how best to exchange your currency to euro.


In our real estate agency we cooperate with several such institutions in Spain who offer this kind of money transfers. We will present it to you in our office. When buying a more expensive real estate you can save a lot on currency exchange. Details in IBERMAXX offices.



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