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Moving to Costa Blanca

Moving to Costa Blanca. Will you move to Costa Blanca in Spain?
You finally made that decision! You have decided to move to Spain on the Costa Blanca. Moving to Spain with or without children. It's great. More about aspects of moving to Spain and the first steps in Spain you will find in the IBERMAXX guide how we move to Spain.

Whatever your situation, IBERMAXX will not only find and sell your property on the Costa Blanca, but will also help you in "taking the first steps" on the Costa Blanca in Spain. We will help you to settle in Spain. Some of our clients often become our good friends and our relationships continue for many years after the purchase of property on Costa Blanca.

We know very well how to start a new life in Spain and how to move here without the stress and nerves associated with moving to a foreign country. There are important things you need to consider before you come to Spain and to pay attention during your preparation.

Before you come to Costa Blanca

It's a good idea to think carefully about what you will bring to Spain with you on the first place. Will it be furniture from your country and your personal stuff? If there is a lot of it, you may want to search the internet for international moving companies doing Spain area.

Such transport companies are not difficult to find and get the price of transport on the route to Spain. You should call and ask about the cost of such transportation. It's also important to take insurance for such transport to Spain in the event of an accident or damage to the transported furniture.
Remember to organize your own transport to Spain.


Check the validity of your passport

Then check the validity of your passport before leaving for Spain. Although we can move around the European Union without a passport, you have to take it seriously, because many things in Spain you will not handle with your identity card (ID). You will definitely need a passport - even to make N.I.E. number, or to set up the internet in a new home or set up a phone in a new apartment (also to buy a mobile phone in Spain).

EHIC card fin case of illness

It's also a good idea to get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in case of a sudden illness or accident when you have to visit a hospital or call an ambulance in Spain.

Moving to Spain will involve a lot of bureaucracy in your country and the ordering of your affairs in the country, especially if you intend to move permanently to Spain and close the stage of living in UK, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Germany behind you. Poles living in Great Britain, who are moving to Spain in increasing numbers due to Brexit and its consequences, are in similar situation.

Talk to your bank

Before leaving for Spain, you should talk to your financial adviser or your local bank. It's best to do it a few months in advance befor arrival. There are important tax issues. If you are looking for a residence in Spain, your fiscal situation will change. If you have financial resources at a bank in your country, if you hold shares, bonds or other investments their restructuring and transfer of offshore may be for the benefit of you.

Your pension Spain

If you are taking a pension from your country you have to think to transfer it every month from there to your bank in Spain. The closer you are to departure, make sure your Spanish account has enough euros on your first days in Spain or bring your cash to Spain. Here we remind you that up to a maximum of 10 thousand euros in cash you can bring to Spain legally. The greater amount must be notified to the state authorities.

On arrival on Costa Blanca

Within 3 months of your arrival in the Costa Blanca, you should register yourself at the Oficina de Extranjeros or at the police station to obtain a residency (residence) in Spain. So the status of resident in Spain. Here's the important note: it's not good for everyone to apply for a resident status in Spain for tax purposes. Please consult your case at IBERMAXX offices. When you tell us your situation, we will advise you what will be better for you. We also cooperate with tax advisor on Costa Blanca.

Once registered, you will be issued a Spanish residence certificate stating your name, address of residence in Spain (the home or apartment you purchased), number N.I.E. (which you will get earlier when buying property).
To obtain a residence in Spain you need a passport as an identity document. In addition, there is a small stamp duty to be paid at the bank.


In addition to became a resident in Spain, you should also visit the City Hall (Ayuntamiento) and register yourself and your family members at the Padron Municipal de Habitantes, or simply register in Spain.
Why Padron in Spain is so important?
Registering yourself at Padron makes you a full member of the local community and is a legal requirement in Spain. This has its measurable benefits. The more people register in Padron, the more local authorities will get money from Madrid (more government funds will flow to the local cash register).

Padron in Spain

Padron is also needed for various administrative procedures in Spain. Such as buying and selling a car in Spain, re-registering a car from foreign to Spanish registration numbers. Registering a child at school in Spain, signing a marriage in Spain, voting in elections, applying for insurance health and other social benefits in Spain.

Another thing to do is sign up for a local health clinic on the Costa Blanca.
And then buying a mobile phone in Spain with a Spanish number. Although after the abolition of roaming charges in the European Union this thing can be left behind. You can also set up a new landline phone in your new home. Then you have to set up the internet, and satellite TV.

Good luck!
And remember: IBERMAXX is and will be with you all this time. Not only when buying a property on the Costa Blanca, but primarily after you purchase it.  

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