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Property search in Spain

How to find property in Spain? You have most likely begun your search for real estate in Spain on the Costa Blanca from the internet and thorough searching the web for current property listing and advertisements for real estate sales in Spain. There is so many websites regarding property in Spain. You are probably browsing magazines, leaflets, property listings in Spain in various newspapers, and writing emails to a lot of real estate agencies in Spain.
You are visiting real estate website regarding properties overseas.
Or maybe you allready have been in Spain looking for a property with an agency and you have not been able to find the right home or apartment for you? In your budget and with your requirements.

You will soon be ready to browse real estate offers with IBERMAXX. At this point a very important note and at the same time a warning to you: see and buy property in Spain ONLY with a reputable and experienced real estate agency. An real estate agency that has excellent local knowledge of property sales, knowledge of the locations in which it sells and has a proven history of its clients.
Since you are a foreigner in Spain, you don't necessarily understand the entire process of buying property in Spain. It makes you a potential victim.
Without knowing the language, without knowing the purchase process and all its complexity, you can be used and abused ... to put it mildly.

Good real estate agent in Spain

Good realtor in Spain. A good real estate agent understands the specific needs clients from Poland, as well as other foreigners searching for property in Spain. A good realtor will show you not only the well-chosen real estate offers, but also will explain the whole process of buying property in Spain and all the legal aspects associated with it.
You should hire a Spanish lawyer who speaks Polish or you can use the service of our Spanish and English speaking lawyer. Of course, you can bring your own lawyer, as well as a Spanish-speaking translator, to use your services.
We as an agency offer a lawyer and we always recommend using a law firm in Spain.


So how to find a good real estate agent in Spain or how to find a good real estate agency in Spain? Start with the recommendations of your friends. Get started with family and close friends. Maybe someone already bought a property in Spain and used our services.
If you plan to start looking for a property from scratch, please pay close attention to the physical location of the real estate office. Check if the agency is real. Or this is a internet ONLY "real estate agency".
Come to the address given and check whether the real estate office actually exists and whether the employees are present in it. It's advisable to check out popular locations for buying property on the Costa Blanca: such as Torrevieja, Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Punta Prima, Cabo Roig, the entire coast of Orihuela Costa and other places near Alicanre area. Well known places to buy a property in Spain.

Check that the real estate office has a fixed phone number on the website (the number must start with +34 (area code for Spain). This number is followed by the number 96 - (that is the area code for Alicante).
Check how long the agency has registered business in Spain.
Does the company have the status S.L. which is Sociedad de responsabilidad limitada en España or has status autonomo - Trabajador autonomo en España.
The longer agency exist then better. How long do real estate agents live in Spain on the Costa Blanca? Check how many employees are employed by a real estate agency. Ask in the area how the real estate office works and perform. All this will help you "sow the seeds from the chaff." And above all, it will help you safely invest your money in Spanish property.

What to avoid

Definitely avoid "flying real estate agents" who will offer you a meeting at a local bar, cafe or restaurant. We call them "unidentified flying objects ... UFO...?
Avoid people who don't have a permanent address or an office and people who can be contacted only by mobile phone or e-mail. These types of people can very quickly become "invisible" and quickly disappear with your cash or money transfer. Don't be fooled by talking in a bar or pub about "super deal" or how to avoid or save money on property taxes in Spain. This can end up catastrophic for you.

Sales commission for a real estate agent in Spain it's usually a percentage of the amount of property sold paid by the seller. Your agent should be completely transparent to you and explain clearly to you: who and what receive during the transaction process.

Aftersales service

This is what characterizes a good estate agency and proffesional realtors. Among other things by this we stand out from the crowd. As a foreign buyer in Spain you will buy a second home (holiday home or investment capital) or you will be planning to move to Spain and live here.

In both cases you will need much more help and support than you think right now - before buying a property. You will need more support in Spain than if you were buying a property in your own country.
Whether it's key holding from your property, renting it later, or taking care of it in your absence. Or help with repairs, rewriting electricity meters, water meters or installing satellite TV in a new apartment. We help in all these banal but essential aspects of our lives in Spain.


Taxes, fees, bills related to property maintenance in Spain

We help with things like your first property tax in Spain, translation of a water bill or electricity bill in Spain. And when it comes to mail notification on your name, which you have no idea because you first got something like this in your mailbox. For example, notification from the Tax Office in Spain. For example, a Spanish property tax backlog and the consequences not paying this bill on time.

Simply things like a cracked pipe, a leaky water tap in the property or a failing door or air conditioner that stopped suddenly cooling in the middle of the Spanish summer. Or how to exchange foreign car registration plates for Spanish registration plates. Or would you like to renovate your apartment in Spain, remodel your home or enlarge the pool on your property.
With all the banal but important things we deal with every day and always give our customer a helping hand in an emergency. You are not alone in Spain.

IBERMAXX is one of the longest established real estate agencies in Spain with offices in the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. Since 2007, we have been selling properties to Poles and other foreigners in Spain. Join us.
Our motto for years is: Reliably, confidently, safely.
Welcome on board!



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