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Property purchase in Spain

Property purchase in Spain. Buying property in Spain. Below we explaining the process of buying property in Spain through our real estate agency overseas - IBERMAXX Real Estate Agency S.L. - Property Center for Real Estate in Spain. Buying a home in Spain, buying an apartment in Spain, building plots, commercial premises or any other property in the Iberian Peninsula.

We will collect you from the Alicante airport (Costa Blanca) and from the airport in Malaga (Costa del Sol). We offer accommodation in our apartments for rent or in a local hotel (special discount for our customers). Book you hotel in Alicante - Torrevieja - Orihuela Costa area here.
We will assist you in obtaining a mortgage in Spanish banks, we do an express N.I.E. numbers and we are doing translations Polish-Spanish/ English-Spanish/English-Polish.
We collect all the necessary documents needed to complete the purchase of real estate in Spain. Book here free pickup from the Alicante airport in Spain.

We handle all the formalities related to the purchase of a house, villa or apartment in Spain. Services from A to Z. We offer assistance in obtaining a mortgage in Spanish banks. Everything we do here in Spain, without intermediaries and without the mediating offices in Poland, Uniteg Kingdom and Ireland.

The process of buying property in Spain with IBERMAXX

Property inspection visit in Spain

Our real estate offices are located in southern Spain:

- CENTRAL OFFICE at Punta Prima - Orihuela Costa (Alicante) / Costa Blanca
- Office Torrevieja - La Mata (Alicante) / Costa Blanca
- Office Marbella (Malaga) / Costa del Sol


We work without intermediaries in Poland, United Kingdom and Ireland and we don't use intermediate offices overseas, so the price of our properties are the most competitive in the market, and most importantly for you, every day we have new properties for sale from the local Costa Blanca market. We keep "finger on the pulse" and we have the opportunity and last minute properties.
You will find the daily "fresh" property offers from Spain. We invite you to review our property for sale in Spain. We specialize in real estate from Costa Blanca - North and South Costa Blanca, and real estate on the Costa del Sol.

If you want to invest in an apartment or house in Spain, it will be necessary to visit the place and reconnaissance of the area. Internet browsing and comparison of Polish and foreign real estate websites is not enough - believe us. You have to be a 100% sure this is the right place to purchase your dream house, apartment or foreign property in Spain.

We suggest you, very much, such a visit in Spain outside the summer season and the holiday season (especially the month of August). Why? Very high temperatures in the south of Spain, crowds and large part of the properties is rented for holidaymakers. Some institutions in Spain, and notary offices and some banks also have a vacation and are simply closed. Don't came to Spain in August! Also during the holiday season, it's more expensive to book a hotel on Spanish coastal areas.

How to get to Costa Blanca?

Search for flights to Alicante. At the present time, from Poland, it's very easy, convenient, inexpensive and direct flights to Alicante (Costa Blanca) and Malaga (Costa del Sol). Cheap flights by Ryanair.
Prices of flights to Alicante and Malaga starts from 80 PLN. Low cost airlines have launched several new direct flights from Poland to Alicante and Malaga.
From Warsaw, several times a week, flights by Norwegian, and from Wroclaw, Gdansk (flights suspended), Krakow and Poznan (flights suspended), Irish airline Ryanair have very cheap flights to Alicante and Malaga.

Current cheap airlines to Spain, check on Ryanair (this airline is the cheapest option to reach Spain from Poland). You can also fly cheaply to Spain from the United Kingdom (London airports: Luton and Gatwick) and from Ireland (Dublin and Cork airports). Also from Germany is a lot of cheap flights to Alicante
Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol also can be reached by car from Poland. This is about 2500 - 3000 thousand. kilometers.
New flights by Ryanair from Krakow to Alicante, and flight Alicante-Poznan. Also Katowice-Alicante flight prices from 79 PLN.


A few practical tips how to view property in Spain with our agency
Important: Please be honest and open while viewing properties, both when looking for property for € 50.000, € 500.000 and 1 million € or more.
Tell us freele about your budget you want to spend on the property. While watching the property clearly expressed their opinions on it.
It will be easier to work and find for you exactly what you are looking for. Adjusting to your tips and comments, respectively we adjust our serch to don't waste time showing inappropriate property.

If you find the right property and you think to buy it and make a offer, you should always go back and see it again. Sometimes we see things that we did't notice for the first time. And the most important: location, location, location.
You should prepare a list of questions on a piece of paper, not to forget to ask them while viewing our listings with IBERMAXX agent.

Free pickup from Alicante airport

At the airport El Altet in Alicante (Costa Blanca) will meet you one of IBERMAXX employees/agents which picks you up at the airport and will accommodate in the apartment or will take to the designated hotel.
Book here a free pickup from the airport in Alicante
There is also the possibility of renting a car in Alicante airport for the duration of your stay and the search for real estate in Costa Blanca area. Ask us about renting a car in Alicante or book a car in Alicante airport here
Getting from the airport to our offices takes about 45 min. to 1 hour drive.

Accommodation during your visit

In IBERMAXX we actively renting apartments, houses and villas in Spain from our property owners who purchased property through us. We offer the opportunity to take advantage of our tourist accommodation in Spain on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol (link to IBERMAXX rentals website, the website opens in a new window) which can be very useful during your visit, because you don't have to look for accommodation or to book hotel by yourself.
Prices of apartments in our rental offer, starting from 40 € per night.
We also offer accommodation in a hotel near our offices at a special price for IBERMAXX clients from 50 € for two people per night in a hotel with breakfast in the area of Torrevieja - Orihuela Costa.
See plan of a visit to Spain and book here inspection trip to view property in Spain with IBERMAXX.

Property viewing

The most important part of the visit and your stay in Spain. This is a key part of the process of purchasing the property. The ambition of IBERMAXX office is to show from 5 to 10 properties a day. Often it's a lot more - we show sometimes up to 15 properties. Before arriving in Spain, please contact our office by phone or e-mail, telling us what kind of property you are looking for and answer few questions from us:

Knowing your preferences, we will be able to prepare a variety of real estate to the show, while exploring Spain. We remind you that in our offer we have houses, villas, bungalows and apartments at prices ranging from 50,000 euros to 6,000,000 euros and more. The choice is huge, therefore, our realtors always have to be well prepared for your arrival.


Important. Organization and efficient property viewing:
You want to see as much is possible and we want to sell it. It's clear. So we have to work together. Please, during your property viewing with us maintain discipline and punctuality. Part of prepared real estate deals for you it's carefully prepared by appointment with developers, property owners, collaborating agencies, etc.

To see as much properties possible and choose the appropriate in IBERMAXX we try to implement very efficient organization and allowing you to see, the maximum amount of current offers on the market. If you decide to purchase, we also have time to sign a preliminary contract and gather the necessary documents needed to finalize the property purchase. Also we have time to visit the bank and opening a bank account for you. Necessary thing to complete the purchase of real estate in Spain.

Property reservation in Spain

If you find your dream apartment or house, if you just know - this is the one - what you are looking for, common practice in Spain for all real estate agencies, is down payment to reserve the property in the amount of 3,000 to 6,000 euros, and to prepare a preliminary contract of property purchase. This protects us from the fact, that no one after us will buy this property and we have time for preparation all documents and formalities related to the property purchase.

To view a property in Spain, please bring your valid passport. ID card is not enough for all the formalities in Spain. Although we can travel in Europe without a passport, for all kinds of contracts, signing documents, initial contracts, opening a bank account in Spain, to do N.I.E. numbers etc. you need a valid passport. Please keep this in mind when you visit and search for real estate in Spain.

Necessary documents to purchase property in Spain

To buy a house or apartment in Spain you will need the following documents:

* Number N.I.E. is the Foreigner Identification Number in Spain. This is the number given to all nationals of other countries wishing to buy property in Spain. Also, take a job, buy a car, open your own business, etc. This number can be obtained at the police station in Spain (Policia Nacional), after the submission of the completed application. Number N.I.E. should be ready after 4 to 10 days, depending on the region of Spain. Number N.I.E. it's very important and is similar to our Polish NIP number. (numer identyfikacji podatkowej).
IBERMAXX real estate office, will also help you in getting this document for you. We handle all the formalities associated with obtaining N.I.E. number within a few days.
For more information about the legal aspects regarding the acquisition of real estate in Spain, the additional costs, taxes on properties in Spain, fees, etc. can be found on our website in the section of information about real estate in Spain, which is our short guide for the property buyer in Spain.

Mortgage on property in Spain

In many cases, there is a need to get a mortgage in a Spanish bank. Today Polish banks don't give mortgages on the property, located outside Poland. The exception is the mortgage loan, collateral on real estate in Poland.
To get a mortgage in Spain, it has to be done in Spain. If you live and work in UK or Ireland some of the British and Irish banks offers loans on property in Spain. Consult us on this issue. We will advise a better option for you.

IBERMAXX agency specializes in obtaining a mortgage loan on a house in Spain for Polish citizens buying property in Spain. At this time (spring - summer 2017) Spanish banks offer financing up to 70%, 60%, 50% (depending on the type of property) of home value and mortgage respectively for 10, 15, 25 and 30 years.
We also have deals 100% mortgage of property value (call and ask us, because it changes often).

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Current mortgage conditions in Spain vary from month to month in the current economic situation. All information are available in our offices in Spain.
It's also worth checking current information in news from Spanish real estate market on our website.

Mortgage rates vary depending on the bank and is also subject to negotiation with the bank (to discuss with us here). Condition: person who is getting the loan can't be older then 75 years old upon payment of the last installment (also to discuss with us). Documents needed to apply for a mortgage in Spain are:


Polish citizens living in Poland

Polish citizens working or doing business in Poland or the European Union the following documents are required:

Polish citizens living in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and other EU countries

Polish citizens working or doing business in the UK and Ireland following documents are required:

Similarly for Poles living and working in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Norway. Also for Polish citizens receiving a pension from Sweden, Norway, the United States and Canada.
Our real estate office, will take you from start to finish, the process to get a mortgage for a dream house or apartment in Spain. We will help and advise in the "difficult cases". Thanks to our long-standing and excellent contacts with local banks, 90% mortgages for Polish citizens "handled" by IBERMAXX is positive.

Signing deeds of property in Spain

According to the Spanish Civil Code and Spanish law, a written contract of sale is in the form of a notarial deed, signed at the notary in Spanish language. A person with Polish citizenship purchasing property in Spain, has the right to bring a sworn translator to be present during the signing of a notarial deed. For our customers free of charge we translate notarial deed signed before a notary. The text and content of the notarial deed also can be translated in any sworn translator in Poland or in Spain.

The process of preparing the notarial deed is done at the time of the visit a notary, just before the signing of the notarial deed. It is a generally accepted norm in Spain. It's not possible to obtain a copy of a notarial act, before it's signed. However, before signing the notary deed, the document is already very accurately translated for our clients, through our interpreter and in the presence of our lawyer.


In Spain Mortgage Register (Libro Hipotecario), is a legal institution through which realizes the transparency of ownership (property and property rights). In Spain the legal standards governing the functioning of the system of registration and mortgage are the Law on mortgages of 08.02.1946r and regulations mortgages signed on 14.02.1947r as amended, and the Code of Civil Spanish law. Spanish mortgage books system combines the two systems German and French.

To sum up: the functioning of the land register in practice is no different from the functioning of Polish Land Registry (supervised in Poland by the Judges Section - Land Registry). Before buying a property its current legal status has to be check in land registry by taking so-called "Nota simple" - a document defining the current state of the property. Our lawyer is taking care of this.

As described above, the moment of signing the deeds is not much different from the procedure in Poland. IBERMAXX will assist you to the end and on the most important stages of the property purchase in Spain. Also after the purchase. When you will need to contract a electricity, water meters, pay fees associated with the maintenance of the property - comunidad and the annual property taxes in Spain called I.B.I)
For more information about the process of buying property in Spain go o information on property buying in Spain on our website.

Receiving the keys to your new property

Welcome to the new home in Spain! It's probably the most joyful part of the purchase for most of us. Receiving the keys to a new home or apartment! But it does not end there. After the transfer of the keys at the notary, we go together with our client to inspect the property. Where it's real estate developer, now it's the time to find faults, defects of furniture, defects of the floor, walls, tiles and other parts of the property. Together, we report found faults to the developer and set the time line to remove defects in the property.

To our customers we help and advise where to buy furniture for a new property in Spain, appliances, equipment or decorations for a new apartment or house.
After this, is time to start a new life in Spain and the first Spanish lessons and finally tell yourself Bienvenido en Espana!



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